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Welcome to St. Michaels University School.

We invite you to discover more about our private school and the education we offer. Located in Victoria, BC, we have a diverse boarding program for Grades 8-12 and our day students join us for kindergarten up to graduation. We are an international community defined by our passion for education.

Please explore our school and contact us if you have any questions.

Our Vision
To learn, to lead, to serve; discovering the promise in our selves and the world.

Our Mission
Our school seeks the excellence in all of us, with passion and compassion. We are a community shaped by the pursuit of truth and goodness, providing outstanding preparation for higher learning and for life.

Our Academic Approach: Learning at SMUS

Two students in the library at SMUS
Two students in the library at SMUSSt. Michaels University School is a great place to be a student.

That’s because we believe passionately that the most important lessons — both intellectual and personal — enable our students to discover who they are as individuals as well as who they have the potential to become.

We also recognize that the path to excellence will be different for each of us, which is why we are highly adaptable in our approach to education.


Kulaputt Vephula, SMUS ‘97

SMUS definitely shaped me into who I am today. It taught me not only academic but also to have high discipline. Living in boarding with friends from diverse cultural backgrounds, you also learned many social skills to live with others. At the end of the day, you will end up with many friends from all over the continents. Many of SMUS friends became my best friends where our daughters are growing up together.

Kulaputt Vephula, SMUS ‘97Senior Media Manager at Coca-Cola Thailand
Vasin Phetsiri, SMUS ’99

I knew SMUS since 1994 when I decided to go study aboard. My father is a friend of khun Kulaputt Vephula’s father, so his father recommended SMUS to us. After I visited SMUS, I thought SMUS would be a great place to gain new experiences. I attended grade 9th in 1995. Having friends from many different countries and learned to live with others were the best experiences while at SMUS.

Vasin Phetsiri, SMUS ’99Owner of Carisma Auto Detail at The Crystal
Varied Wongkulnaparit, SMUS ‘05

My experience at SMUS was a memorable one. It certainly has shaped me into who I am today, from mastering English as my second language to growing up with friends who are still very much in touch nowadays. The school offered me many opportunities to learn and try out new things I might have not yet picked them up otherwise: shooting, rowing, flying a plane, leading an organization and saving lives. All of these stay close to my heart in whatever I do, wherever I go and whoever I meet.

Varied Wongkulnaparit, SMUS ‘05Regional Manager at Procter & Gamble
Pasit Laothamatas SMUS ‘16

Academically, teachers at SMUS were very dedicated, passionate, and supportive. The school offers many AP (university level) courses which which allowed me to gain a broader knowledge in each subject, and gave me a strong background for university courses.

Apart from academics, SMUS also gave me the opportunity to compete in badminton, soccer, and rugby teams, pursue leadership opportunities as a prefect member, and explore my musical interests in the concert band, and choir.

Most important of all, SMUS is a very diverse and welcoming community, and I’m very grateful for the long-lasting friendships that I’ve formed at the school.

Pasit Laothamatas SMUS ‘16Electrical Engineering student at University of British Columbia
Kompit Panasupon, SMUS ’03

My time at SMUS was a transforming moment in my life. Not only did I excel academically, but I also learned to love sports such as rugby and rowing, and music, where I took up saxophone and was involved in all the possible musical programs available. I also got to express my passion for the arts, and to learn to fly a plane. Living in boarding in multi-cultural community also taught to be a globally-minded citizen. What I miss the most are the teachers who shaped me into who I am today.

Kompit Panasupon, SMUS ’03Director of MAC Education Co.,Ltd.